Monday, 2 December 2013

Fix DLL File Missing errors with DLL Files Fixer 3.0 Premium Cracked

Fix DLL File Missing errors with DLL Files Fixer 3.0 Premium Cracked

Have you ever faced problems with your PC saying DLL file not found, Usually when you start your pc or when trying to open your favorite application? If yes, you are in right place. I too faced this problems many times and got irritated to the most. Then i found a software named DLL File Fixer. Trial version of this software allows you to fix only 1 DLL error, But premium version supports unlimited error fixing & costs about 18$/year. Don't worry i am giving you a free premium version of DLL File Fixer.

What Causes this error?

It is very important to know the cause before clearing the error! DLL stands for "Dynamic Link Library" that comes with the OS and this error occurs when any of the .dll files in this library is inaccessable. Windows should be able to run these dll files based on the application you use. At this time if it is unable to access these files, then a popup saying the 'something.dll' is missing!

The main Causes are: Corrupt, Virus Infection, Problems with the registry, Hardware failure, etc...

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  • Fix all .dll not found errors.
  • Also repairs, cleans and fixes registry errors.
  • Defrag registry.
  • Prevent the applications and your PC from crashing.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Automatically Update your Outdated Drivers with IObit Driver Booster PRO with KEY

Automatically Update your Outdated Drivers with IObit Driver Booster PRO with KEY

Devices attached to your computer is getting Older and Older with the release of new Hardware and Software. So to make your system run like new with the newly released applications and softwares, it is necessary to update your drivers to be able to work perfect with these apps.

Outdated drivers may lead to System Crashes and affect your System performance when working with advanced software and hardware, or the system becomes unstable! So it is highly recommended to update your drivers regularly.

Most of the Driver Updating software that functions perfectly are cost's more money. But don't worry! Here is one of the popular Automatic Driver Updating Tool named IObit Driver Booster Pro. I am providing a 1 Year license key too!

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  • It automatically identifies outdated drivers.
  • It Downloads & Update your drivers with one click without affecting the pc performance.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Add Dislike Button to Facebook

Facebook is familiar for it's like button. Have you ever imagined how it would be if facebook had a dislike button? No. But don't worry, now you can dislike the posts that you hate on facebook through an extension named FDislike.

This extension when added to your browser adds a dislike button next to the like button on each commentable item and comments (as shown in the pic below) on facebook and shows who disliked it.

On adding this extension, you will be able to Dislike Photos, Status updates, etc...

Add Dislike Button to Facebook

It's Time for fun! :D  Get it now:

How this works:

It is working with FDislike's database where they stock the id of the item and the id of the user who dislikes the item.

Only few are familiar with this dislike feature so you cannot see the no. of dislikes for all the posts you see. You can share this article with your friends and make them to add this extension, So that they too can start disliking what they dislike and you can see what your friend's dislike! :)

Friday, 29 November 2013

Download Apps on Google Play Through PC

How to Download Apps on Google Play Through PC
Hi Guys, This is my first article on Script-Kiddi, And i am sure that you are gonna enjoy the upcoming articles on our blog :D Let's look into the article!

Google want's us to verify our mobile with Google play by browsing Google play with mobile. What would you do if you have no internet connection on your mobile but with your PC. Don't worry still you can download apps on the Google Play through your PC.

Evozi made this possible by creating an online tool named APK Downloader.

Here is what you should do to Download your favorite apps from Google Play without using your mobile,
  • First go to Google Play and choose your favorite app you need to download & go to the download page of that app.
  • Copy the link in the address bar of your browser.
  • Go to Evozi APK Downloader and paste your link in the box provided. Then click "Generate Download Link".
  • Based on the size of the app it may take some time to generate the download link.
  • Once the download link is generated, You can click it and start downloading your app.

Then Transfer those apps to your mobile, Install them and Enjoy!!! :)

If you find anyother tools to do the same, kindly share with me on the comment box below. I will add that too :)


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